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  •  Performance optimsation and preventative maintenance (airconditioners / heat pumps/ventilation system)

  • Troubleshooting and diagnostic checks

  • Repairs

  • De-install / re-install (relocating your indoor and or outdoor unit)

  • Installations of owner-supplied equipment

  • Sales and installation of heatpumps/airconditioners, ventilation systems, heat transfer systems, extraction fans, heat exchangers 

  • Insurance reports 























All air conditioning units and heat pumps need regular servicing and maintenance to ensure they last and remain efficient.

You have made a wise and sizable investment to give your home, school or place of work a healthy and comfortable environment in the most efficient way possible today. One Air is committed to helping all owners of air conditioning and heat pumps to Protect and Service their asset and enjoy the benefits of a comfortable temperature, as well as healthier, dryer properties, not to mention the cost savings from more efficient heat pumps that will last longer and perform their best,.

This servicing is not dissimilar from other important machinery, like your car. If left it to will rust and brake down, however, with a bit of care and regular servicing all things will last longer and perform at their best, for your benefit.


Regular servicing will prevent build up of dirt, windfall and air born particles on the outdoor coil, which will increase running costs. 

All outdoor units start to oxidize and form rust on the inside of the exterior body due to the hundreds of litres of air pulled through the unit annually.

Dirt, windfall and grass clipping will find their way into the sump of the exterior unit and turn to sludge, which if left, can start to rust.

The rust will begin at the bottom of the coil and work its way up, causing the coil to rot.

Gas suction pressure should be checked to ensure the correct amount is in the system.

Gas leaks can be so small it may take months to lose enough to cause problems.

All electrical wiring should be checked to ensure it is secure and tight on the buzz bars and that the amps are in the right range.

The indoor coil requires cleaning to remove dust mites, dander and allergens that have gone past the pre filters; otherwise they can form a pulp like product which can cause loss of performance, icing up and leakage.

The pre filters coil and chasse all need to be cleaned and desensitized, to help them avoid attracting all airborne particles, including cooking fats and odours.




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