Our Services

Annual Service

With around 10,000 heatpump and air conditioning services being performed each year, OneAir is a leader in its field. Our technicians are professionally trained and follow a specific process to ensure consistent and top quality results. We encourage customers to watch the process to fully appreciate the steps involved and we are happy to answer any questions before, during and after the service.


Why OneAir?


  • Quality work - service guarantee on all work 

  • Clean - we ALWAYS clean up after ourselves so all work areas will be just the same or cleaner than when we left them. For installs and repairs, we use drop sheets and our super-fussy installers have even been known to use surgical gloves when needed!

  • Safe

  • Reliable

  • Green - as if tuning HVAC systems to ensure maximum efficiency was not enough, we also minimise our impact on our environment by running fuel-efficient vehicles, using biodegradable chemicals and and ensuring all our cardboard, plastic and metal waste is sent for recycling

  • Respectful - unfailingly polite technicians. Unless otherwise requested, we always remove our shoes before entering your home. 

  • All work covered by full insurance protection

  • Health and Safety compliant


Need more details?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or book our services online.