Ready for your new heat pump?

So you're ready to have a warmer, drier home this winter but not sure where to start? We've got the best heat pump and air conditioners with a wide range to choose from. We'll help you achieve low cost, energy efficient heating, cooling, and ventilation all year round. 

We've got what you need

OneAir provides the full service from helping you choose the right heat pump, to installation and ongoing maintenance and care. We'll look after your heat so it can look after you and your family.

Why choose a heat pump?

  • Heating and cooling in one system

  • Cost effective and energy efficient (8.3c per kWh vs. electric resistance heaters 25c per kWh)

  • Dehumidify feature

  • Air filtration

  • Fan only mode

Why OneAir?

OneAir offers peace of mind that you'll get the best service right from the start. We offer ongoing maintenance and repair services to ensure that your heat pump is performing at its best all year round. You can expect:

  • High quality installation of heat pumps/air conditioners, ventilation systems, heat transfer systems, extractor fans, heat exchangers

  • Safe and reliable work

  • Respectful technicians that will unless otherwise requested, always remove shoes before entering your home

  • IQP registered technicians

  • Health and safety compliance

  • Minimised impact on the environment

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Heat pumps/

Air conditioners

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Heat transfer


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Extractor fans

Heat exchangers

We've got the best value for money

We'll make sure you've got everything you need to keep your home warm, healthy, and safe.

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