New System Installations

OneAir installations are performed by qualified, experienced Technicians who take pride in their work and have customer satisfaction as their key priority. They are experts at installing the below systems:

  • Single Room heatpump and air conditioning systems

  • Central Heating systems

  • VRF systems

  • Multi room heatpump, air conditioning and Ventilation systems

  • Cost effective replacements for HRV, DVS etc

  • Positive pressure and Balanced systems

  • Heat recovery systems

Why install with OneAir?

Obligation and pressure-free quotes. All OneAir install quotes are done by the Installers themselves, not salespeople chasing targets. Not only does this mean no sales pressure, you will benefit from the experience and insights of actual installers knowing how things will actually work on the day with no hidden cost surprises 

Trained, Trustworthy and Tidy Technicians

OneAir technicians are air conditioning and ventilation specialists. They are focussed on providing heatpump solutions all day, every day, making them experts in their field. For your total peace of mind, all are police-vetted and  - people you can trust having inside your home. Plus they tidy up afterwards too

Quality Products

We install many different brands, but we make sure that each unit we install has a minimum 5-year product guarantee (sometimes 6 or even 7 years) for total peace of mind

Quality Materials

An install is only as good as the components used. From years of experience in installations as well as servicing, OneAir knows which materials last and which do not, and uses only the best  quality materials to maximise the working life of the installation 

Quality Support

Even after the installation is complete, OneAir continues to look after you, with free telephone advice and preventative maintenance servicing to keep the units running efficiently throughtout its extended lifespan 

Artisan Approach

Our process emphasises quality, not quantity. Our installers are not under pressure to chase targets and take their time to do the job right

How to choose the right installer

There are many install options out there, so we understand how difficult choosing the right company can be. Below are some questions that you can ask that may help you in your decision:

Before the install

  • How genuine are their Google reviews? Are there bad reviews without a satisfactory response from the business owner? Are the good reviews too good to be true? Hint: if you see all perfect 5-star reviews written by "customers" saying the same sort of thing, you can assume something is up

  • Will the person coming to do the quote be a salesperson, or the installer him/herself? It's far better if it is the same person as they will know what parts your jobs will need so there are no unexpected additional parts needed and extra bills to pay 

  • Is the quote presented professional? Is it clear and easy to understand without major spelling and grammatical mistakes? A company that doesn't take pride in the quality of its quotes will likely have the same attitude towards the quality of its work

  • What air conditioning install training do the technicians have? You wouldn't want a dentist putting a cast on your broken leg, so why would you want a plumber or an electrician installing an air conditioning unit?

  • What and professional qualifications do they hold? Do they have an approved refrigerant gas refiller and an electrical licence? When was the last air conditioning Technical training session they attended? 

  • What is the guarantee on the materials used on the install? (wiring, trunking, PVC feet, isolator etc)

  • If your install is near the coast or in Rotorua, will protective wax be applied on the outdoor unit to prevent it from rusting prematurely?

  • How environmentally-friendly are the installer's practices? Do they have gas reclaim machines in their vans? Do their technicians recycle all that cardboard the units come in? Is their fleet comprised of  economical vehicles?

After the install

  • Check to see if there is any exposed pair coil (copper piping covered in white insulation). Over time, the white insulation will degrade in the sun, leaving bare copper exposed

  • Is the jobsite left clean and tidy, inside and out? A mess left behind is usually an indication of installers in a hurry and sloppy workmanship

  • After sales support: do they have an 0800 number to call for free troubleshooting and advice? Do they have a professional preventative maintenance program in place?

We hope the above help making a good decision on which install company to go with. For any questions, please contact us at or call 0800 ONEAIR (663247)